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  • KEMO M101A Descaler Unit

Limescale Water Pipe Decalcifier Descaler with power supply

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Product Description

Includes UK Power Adaptor & uses less than 4 Watts of energy

Prevent problems caused by Limescale and calcium build-up in pipe work. Dish washers, washing machines, household water pipes, shower heads, toilet bowls. Having the unit permanently mounted on the main inlet pipe will help prevent any build-up from the onset. The unit works on any type of water pipe, from copper, lead, plastic & steel and helps in breaking down existing limescale build up.

Manufacturers Notes...M101

  • Major Benefits:
  • No chemical changes to your water
  • Prevents scale build up in all water pipes
  • Easy to install, no DIY experience necessary
  • Descales existing 'scaled up' water systems
  • Very cheap to run

This module is not harmful to the environment, i.e. without chemicals and operates on a physical-inductive base. Easy to mount, no interfering with pipe work! This module protects washing machines, dish washers, heating boilers etc. Low current consumption! The magnetic waves of this decalcifier polarize the salts and minerals in the water an thus prevent incrustation in conduits. Furrings will be decomposed progressively in the long run. The water will not become free from lime, the decalcifier simply decomposes the molecules into a new form since water which is completely free from lime is very aggressive. The water becomes a little more soft, calcium which is important for health and minerals will be maintained and consequently the taste of the water will not change.

Your Questions Answered!

Q...Will this descaling unit work on my existing pipework?

A...Yes. On copper, plastic, lead, steel and any other for that matter.

Q...What if my existing system is already affected by limescale buildup?

A...The Decalcifier unit with breakdown any existing limescale build up.

Q...Should the unit be permanently left on the pipework?

A...Yes. As a preventative measure against further scale build up.

Q...How will the unit affect my water?

A...Don't worry, no chemical changes take place. Just smoother, less 'hard' water.

Q...Do I need to call an installer for fitment?

A...I would say no. It is safe and easy to install. Just plug it in & attach the pipe cable.

Q...What other finacial benefits will the unit carry?

A...The obvious one of lower plumbing maintainance. Not as much detergents are needed due to the softer water. Health benefits too, less dry skin caused by hard water.

Please feel free to call or email us with any other questions you might have.

Technical data...

  • Operating voltage: 6...15VDC
  • Current consumption: < 130mA
  • Alternating field frequency: < 2000 Hz
  • Oscillation transmission: with 2 cables which have to be coiled up helically on the water pipe (approx. 3...10 turns each).
  • For indoor use only
  • Dimensions: approx. 74 x 55 x 28 mm

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