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High Power Ultrasonic Vermin Repeller - Stand- Alone

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Product Description

Manufacturers Description – FG015

To scare away wild animals such as weasels, foxes, rodents (e.g. out of carports, lofts, camper vans), wild boars, deer, etc. (from gardens, farmland, etc.). Also for repelling cats & dogs fom sensitive areas. The device produces an enormously loud (ultrasonic), pulsating and aggressive ultrasonic sound of about 21 kHz which is not audible to most people, but represents a considerable annoyance for wild animals which, therefore, try to avoid it. It is also possible to drive away dogs and cats that are used to human community. The device is operated with 4 batteries R14 (UM2) which last up to 8 months depending on the quality.

Technical data:

  • Fastening: at walls or ceilings with 4 screws Ø 3 mm (not attached)
  • Batteries: operation with 4 batteries UM2 (R14, round cell), not included
  • Equipment-on indication: via a built-in LED which lights up during radiation of ultrasonic sounds.
  • Assembly: suitable for outside assembly but only at spots that are protected against splash water (under the canopy, installed into aviaries in the garden, under a parked caravan, etc.)
  • Ultrasonic frequency: approx. 21 kHz (± 10 %)
  • Mark space ratio: approx. 0.6 sec. ON, approx. 6 sec. rest
  • Sound pressure: > 100 dB (± 15 %)
  • Angle of radiation: > 120 degrees
  • Loudspeaker: special piezoelectric ultrasonic high-power loudspeaker with lacquered (humidity-proof) membrane
  • Acoustic range: > 200 m
  • Operating voltage: 6 V (4 x batteries UM2)
  • Current consumption: rest: approx. 0.000005 A, active time: approx. 0.005 A
  • Tested temperature range: - 15° C...+ 60° C
  • Dimensions: approx. 190 x 70 x 33 mm L x W x D (dimensions without fixing straps)

Product Reviews

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  1. The jury's out.

    Posted by Robert Paterson on 8th Sep 2018

    It's early days for a proper review of this product. I bought it to quieten a neighbours dog down. One of those annoying dogs that keeps on barking. The owners are ignorant people so I don't need to say more.
    I have come to suspect that this unit might actually be having some effect. I've positioned it at the base of a hedge where there are gaps and the dog comes near and barks but then seems to stop. So I would say the barking has reduced. Where and how you position this unit is important but I suspect as long as you place it near enough to a nuisance dog the dog will hear it. I don't use this unit outside in wet weather and I move it around my property and try different locations. It looks promising.
    Because of this I'm now tempted to try one of the High Power ultrasonic repellers Brocott sells.
    These are supposed to be even louder than my present unit. Ultimately it's all about power out put. The louder your kit is the more effect it will have on dogs or "vermin".

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