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Enamelled Copper Wire

A range of high specification enamelled copper wire to suit a wide range of coil winding applications. From industrial electric motors, transformer coils, solenoid coils to guitar pickup coils, we have the range and size to suit.

At Brocott UK we have the automated and semi automated facilities for the despooling of all enamelled copper wire sizes from 0.025mm (50AWG) all the way to 3.00mm, with care & attention being paid to maintaining the insulation and mechanical integrity of the wire and the correct despooling pattern, making for a quality maintained, user friendly end product. We pay special attention to the acquisition of our plastic spools, especially for the despooling of our fine wires with end product spools being of high grade ABS plastic with an extremely smooth edge surface thus enabling our customers to have a trouble free, very user friendly end product.

Every wire size on every spool weight: 250g spools / 500g spools / 750g spools / 1000g spools / 4kg spools / 10kg spools


Our Enamelled Copper Wire Fulfills the requirements of the following specifications from the manufacturer:

200 Deg Celsius - Sizes: 0.112mm To 3.00mm - IEC 60317-13 / NEMA MW 35/36

180 Deg Celsius - Sizes: 0.030mm To 0.1mm - IEC 60317-51 / NEMA MW82