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  • M172N Bicycle Hub / Dynamo Charge Regulator
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Product Description

General Description...

A very versatile dynamo / hub charging regulator. The controller allows an input of up to 70 volts! with a maximum charge output of 800mA. For charging smart phones, satnavs and other electronic accessories. The module also has a change-over switch to allow switching from charge mode to lighting mode at night which will power lighting on the bike.


The regulated output is 5v / 800mA max. or 5v / 500mA if a smaller type dynamo / hub is used. The higher input voltage allowance of 70v is for accomodating hubs that are prone to out putting higher voltages at higher speeds. The connector provided with the unit is a USB-A jack, so if your device is anything other than a USB-A type socket you will need to purchase an adaptor to fit your device.


These controllers are designed for all weather conditions when mounted according to manufacturers instructions (full fitting instructions are provided with diagram).


Allows the connection of mobile phones, navigators, PDAs, MP3-players, etc. to a bicycle dynamo. The charge controller has an USB-A jack. It is thus possible to use many charging cables of various devices. A charging cable with micro USB plug is enclosed. In addition this charge controller is especially powerful: input voltage up to max. 70 V (may occur with hub dynamos at very high speeds). Output: 5 V max. 800 mA (if your dynamo can produce this output, otherwise the current is lower: max. approx. 500 mA). 


Important: If the connected device has metal parts on the outside, then these must no be connected electrically-conductively with the bicycle frame (no contact).

Use as directed: Operation of small electronic devices such as navigators, mobile phones, MP3 players etc. at a bicycle dynamo. 


Technical Data...

Maximum Input - 70 Volts

Maximum output - 5v / 800mA

Dimensions - 70 x 62 x 42

Weight - 290 Grams

Product Reviews

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  1. Very for cycle camping

    Posted by Simon Jackson on 30th Jul 2013

    well, it's not the most beautiful bit of kit, but it works just fine with my SP Hub dynamo. No noticeable drag while charging, my bike freewheels downhill at the same speed as my pal's. With the bike off the ground, the wheel spins freely and stops in 7 revs, my disc MB in 6 revs, my road bike in 11 revs. needs a rubber pad underneath to stop it fretting the paint and moving about. Waterproofing is a bit dodgy-looking but rear of PCB is potted and top is lacquered so should be OK. A prettier version with an internal or external battery would be useful, capable of delivering say 2A at 5V from the battery to run a modern 1000 lumen LED headlight. It charges my HTC Desire OK, but cannot run navigation software with the screen always on and maintain 100% charge, but loss is about 6% in 30 mins so OK to go through towns. Charged auxiliary 5V power pack OK.